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The Arab Mehandi Desines are very famous and different from all. This is totally different from the Pakistani and Indian Mehandi Desine. He detailed each line and curve. The common Arab mehndi patterns for hands and fingers include patterned Mehandi, peacocks, shaded leaves with curved lines and much more. You can find all these wonderful patterns in the Arabic desine book of Mehandi for the hands.

According to thousands of years, henna appeared in the desert regions of Pakistan and India, and in particular the rules of Punjab and Gujrat. Well, you learn the origin of music in my life.

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The art of Mehandi is not the pure Middle East but is rather encouraged by the Indian art form Mehandi. Animal Mehandi desines used in the form of Arab art, such as peacocks, are also native to India. It is a famous form of body art among girls in India.

The story goes like this: the inhabitants of the Thar desert cover their hands and feet with a paste made from mashed Mehandi leaves. Just like this pasta keep cool in the suffocating summers.

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The festivals are celebrated all year round. Applying henna on the hands and especially on the palms is the most important part of the preparations. At a wedding, seasonal henna figure in the head of the priorities. All women and the bride are busy doing their special events and nothing is more important to brighten their hands with an Arab Mehandi desines that gives a traditional look perfect for the bride and all women.

Arab conceptions of Mehandi are the only thing that will make you look very different from all the events of Eid and Diwali to come. In this same place is the idea of ​​the desine of the city, in view of the facilities and services of people and houses with decorative Mehandi.