Simple Henna Mehndi designs for hands

Mehndi, which is also known as henna throughout the world, is a mass often associated with good fortune and positivist. It is one of the oldest forms of body art of man. Women and girls have their hands and feet loaded with this mass on appropriate occasions. Whether it’s weddings or festivals like Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Teej or Eid, Mehndi is an extremely popular way to immerse yourself in festive feelings for most girls. While some women marvel at its aromatic scent, others adore their hands adorned with beautiful and intricate Mehndi designs. But now, over time, it is common for men to also apply Mehndi.


The Mehndi paste is extracted from the powder of the henna leaves and dried to decorate a person’s body. The leaves are dried in the sun and then crushed to obtain a fine moss green powder. Then mix it with a sufficient amount of water, lemon juice and a few drops of eucalyptus oil to obtain a smooth paste. The dough is then soaked overnight for an infusion of all the ingredients and then poured into a plastic cone for application. In addition, the word “Mehndi” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Mendhika”, which refers to henna itself.

Download simple mehndi designs free for the hands

Women usually decorate their hands with beautiful Mehndi designs. But now, not only men but also cancer patients who lose hair growth, also use this natural paste to decorate their bald scalp. Mehndi paste is green, but the standard color it leaves on the skin is brown. However, with the progress of Mehndi designs and techniques, colors such as white and gold are also used. We have latest and unique collection of simple mehndi designs for hands below

back hand and arm mehndi designs
back hand circle henna designs
bail mehndi designs

Simple Colourful Bridal Mehndi designs for hands

This Mehndi design is mainly seen in the hands of girls for commitment functions. The simple design has a colorful texture to increase its charm. The floral design with leaves and wine branches gives a glamorous look to the hands and legs. You can also color combinations that match your outfit. In addition, you can use different colored stones and floral diamonds to decorate the Mehndi.

  • Idea: Suitable for family parties and festivals.
  • Design location: you can apply it on the palms of your hands, and arm.


boy friend mehndi designs
brecelete and finger mehndi designs
circle mehndi designs

Simple Diamond Wrist Band designs for hands

You want to have a bracelet style with henna mehndi designs. Opt for such drawings drawn on the back of the hand. The diamond-shaped design gives it a simple but striking look. The simple drawn points that connect the diamonds give it a chain look with small beads. The curved leaves and the design add to its beauty.

  • Idea: ideal for daily and occasional occasions
  • Design location: you can apply it on the palms of your hands and on the back of your hands
date mehndi designs free
easy and simple loving mehndi desines
finger thumb and wrist mehndi designs
flowers mehndi designs for back hand
amazing circle mehndi designs for arm bazu or bazo

HD Mehndi Design Dmages Free Download

Mehndi holds a special place in our hearts because of its simplicity and uniqueness. You can make a simple mehndi drawing using a cone that can be held like a ballpoint pen to draw the drawings we like, but what many do not know is that the mehndi application was a different story. In ancient times, fresh mehndi leaves were ground by women and recently applied to the hands of a new wife or to become a bride because of their coloring properties and their propitious nature. Download HD mehndi design images free