Kids face painting ideas images

We offer dazzling face painting designs for your kids: terrifying monsters, beautiful princesses, crazy lions, roaring tigers, superheroes, butterflies and more. The list is endless. In addition to painting the face, we offer beautiful tattoos with lightning and pattern patterns with which children go crazy. We have something for everyone.

Whether you are looking for a rainy activity, an activity to make a party memorable, or some ideas for your next fundraising event, kids face painting is the answer. You can not really beat the silent and anticipated queue of the facial easy painting of small kids. excited people who hope to become a character in their imagination, or the moment you turn them to the mirror and where there is a small rainbow face.

Before kids face painting, you do not have to be a professional. In fact, the darker and messier the makeup, the more memories they will create together. It is extremely important to be attentive and take care of your young child, especially given the busy life that we carry at this time. Such fun activities will make your child feel loved, recognized and valued. So, you can understand how much facial painting is more than a crazy pastime, it’s a great way to unite your family.

Before you start, read these professional tips.

Avoiding oil-based face paints

Start by avoiding oil-based face paints. They tend to stain, are more difficult to remove and clog pores

Soft bristle brush

Simply apply a corner of a makeup sponge or a soft bristle brush in the water and start painting

Look for nontoxic fabric-based flakes

Finish the look with brightness! Look for nontoxic fabric-based flakes To apply it, immerse the opposite end of the brush in the water, clean the excess and immerse it in the shine. Roll the shine on the face.

Grasp the wrist of your dominant

While painting your child’s face, grasp the wrist of your dominant hand with the other hand. This offers stability and support to your hand when painting.

Cotton swabs

Have (enough) cotton swabs on hand. Errors are inevitable, even among professional painters. So do not be discouraged. Clean the paint with cotton swabs and try again.

How to remove face paint

To remove the face paint, you can do it easily with baby wipes and baby oil. Begin by using masking tape to remove all the flakes, then gently wipe your face with wet wipes or cotton swabs moistened with baby oil. Finally, wash your child’s face with mild soap and water.

1. Easy butterfly face paint on cheeks

Super popular, you can customize the face painting of the butterfly with the child’s favorite colors. Relatively simple, start by applying a sponge on the colored wings, then make the pattern impressive with its black contours in the shape of a butterfly. Do not forget a pinch of glitter.

2.Wonder woman face paint easy

Start by drawing a star on your kid’s forehead. Draw around it a diamond shape that looks like a crown. Paint the golden starry crown. Paint your lips with a bright red tone. Use the blue to add an eye shadow and draw long eyelashes. You can also paint Wonder Woman’s wrist cuffs for a complete look.

3. Tiger’s face painting

The most common ones are pretty popular are the tiger face paint. When painting feline characters, you can draw sharp teeth underneath. On the other hand, dogs can have a long tongue protruding from the edge of the lips. These cute animal drawings will be fun as they look in the end result.

The tiger is an incredibly popular facial paint option at fairs, parties, and events. Some facial painting patterns may leave the painter shaking in his boots. This simple tiger painter can be realized with the most amateur painter.

4. Easy Little Elsa face painting

Each girl wants to be a Disney princess. Since Disney launched his hit movie, Frozen, every girl dreams of being Elsa. So, what better way to make them happy than to paint their faces to match the wonderful character. When using Elsa’s children’s face painting ideas, you should only use two main shades. One ice blue and white. Create a base with a blue tone and snowflakes painted white. The blue base can be created by mopping the face or you can paint lines that look like the wind.

5. Flower face painting

Each little boy likes to paint the flowers on his face and it is easy to paint. Simple but beautiful, all you need is a brush to paint the face of good quality to get the best floral designs. Use the brush shape, on the side, to create the petals. Beautiful patterns in a few moments: flowers are particularly useful for smaller human canvases that have trouble sitting.

6. Sneaky Snakes face paint

Paint the mouth of the snake around your child’s mouth. You can paint two fangs that fall from your lower lip. Curly the tail of the snake at the forehead, you can finish it between the legs. If your child loves rattlesnakes, he draws the rattle. Color your snake with funky colors or stick to the usual shade of green, black and brown. Attach your protruding eyes to your upper lip and that’s it. You can ask your child to move his face and it will appear as if the face of the painted snake was doing it.

7. Simple rose face paint

The best way to paint a rose on the child’s face. Any budding princess must focus on the crown and sparks. Like painted gems on the pink side, these patterns have the surprise factor.

8. Easy princess face paint

The easiest way to turn every princess into the grass is to focus on the crown and shine. In addition to flakes of face paint, perfumes for face painting, these designs are a determining factor. Add a spark to kids faces by painting sparkling, shiny gems. You can paint blue diamonds, red rubies and much more. Any color you can think of can help you paint a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Dark green colors princess face paint make emeralds, royal blue colors sapphires, yellow colors can catch your eye – the list is endless. Connect these precious jewels to your precious child’s face to paint jewels and crowns on tiaras, your child can have them all=

9. Palm Painting on the face

If you have a palm lover, you should draw this beautiful pattern of painting palms on your child’s face. This incredibly effective design is easy to draw without much talent. Start with the top of the face and the sponge at the bottom. You can draw palms or coconut trees and even buildings. Finish your painting by drawing a bright yellow sun on the red background. That’s it, your paint for palm is ready

Cat Face Painting

Some cat face painting designs leave you a little more wrinkled than the average feline. This design is deceptively simple, but it will have an impact on your little cat lover. White colors can attract the attention of cats. The list is endless. Connect these gems on your face

Puppy Face Painting

This little girl is the biggest fan of puppy. she requested me to draw puppy paint ph her cute face. If you do not apply for kittens, you can be sure they will ask for puppies. A complicated design, but leave it at the end, or leave it completely, and you’ll have a very faithful puppy in the making. I draw with black and white paint.

Hello Kitty Face Painting

If you have a kitty in your home, you must want to draw kitty paint on your kid face. For painting a kitty face, all you will need are black, pink, and white colors along with black paint. Start by sponging yellow on your child’s face. Loved for her cutesy looks and hair ribbon, Hello Kitty is a popular choice for face painting and an easy one to replicate. Don’t worry too much about getting the white perfect – remember, from a distance it won’t matter.

Spiderman face Painting

Not all girls are crazy about cat painting, some are also in love with Spiderman! These ideas for painting faces are perfect for completing a Halloween costume. Spiderman is the most beloved cartoon superhero. To create a Spiderman look, apply a coat of red base paint and a black spider web. You can paint a spider on your forehead or zoom in on your child’s eyes. If you feel too lazy to paint your face, you can limit your canvas to an eye mask.

14. Spider man face paint cheek for the boy

15. Spider man face paint cheek for beginners

Eagles soaring carton face paint

Fish carton face paint

Cute birds face paint for little kids

Heart face paint for kids

I also made a fast version of this quick and easy heart face painting on kid face. mostly children prefer to heart in child age so is an amazing style